To actively support us, and to take part to our activities, join us.

To become a member of our association,
– you’ll first have to create your account on our management web site,
– then proceed to your registration as a member.

How to create your account
  1. Go on our new management web site: click on the blue button CREER UN COMPTE
  2. down the page fill your INSCRIPTION form, and all down right of the page click on CREER MON COMPTE 
  3. Once your registration is validated by the administrator, you’ll receive an email to create your pass word
How to connect to our management site
  1. go to our management site , and click on the blue button  on the left: SE CONNECTER 
  2. enter your email and password and click on the yellow button CONNEXION 
How to become a member
  1. get connected to our management site
  2. go to the Espace membre (in the left menu), and click on the yellow button J’ADERE! on the right
  3. check your email and name, and click on the yellow button CONTINUER 
  4. check your datas and click on CONTINUER 
    note: All your datas collected will never be sold, given, neither access given, to any third part;
    they will be used only for the management of our activity
  5. click on carte bancaire, then on VALIDER LE PAIEMENT 
  6. Enter your credit (or debit) card datas, and click on the blue button Valider
    it is secured

How to renew your membership

The following years, to renew your membership, all you have to do is to pay the annual membership fee:
click on yearly subscription payment

Note: to follow our training courses, it is necessary to be a member of the FFVL (French Free Flight Federation), who is supporting us and provides our insurances.