To actively support us, and to take part to our activities, join us.

How to become a member
  1. fill out and send us the membership application form
  2. In return, you will receive instructions on how to pay your membership fee
  3. Once your membership fee is paid, you are registered as a member.
How to renew your membership

The following years, to renew your membership, all you have to do is to pay the annual membership fee,

This can be done by two ways :

  1. either, without being a member of the FFVL, or if you are already an FFVL member through another club, by paying us directly,
  2.  or, you take your FFVL license, and select ADPUL in the choice of club (you will not need any electronic key): your ADPUL’s subscription will be credited to the FFVL, which will pay it back to us.
    : to follow our training courses, it is necessary to adhere to the FFVL, which supports us and provides our insurances.