What about pilot licence?

The Annexe I of the european regulation UE 2018/1139 allows to fly an ultralight glider without any pilot license. But each european country has his own regulation…

The french regulation (arrêté DGAC du 7/10/85) allows to fly an ultralight glider without any pilot license, but it has to be foot launch-able, 

Should it have an auxiliary engine, its a ULM, in France, abd you have to be qualified and have an ultralight aircraft pilot license, a qualification which can be long and expensive to get, and which will not provide you with the required skills to fly it safely…

The FFVL has a specific training course, and issues Pilot’s Certificates for multi-axis controlled ultralight gliders:
– the Brevet Initial, which allows you to fly alone on the site where you had your training course.
– the Brevet de Pilote, which allows you to fly anywhere…
– the Brevet de Pilote Confirmé, which allows you to fly cross country


In order to avoid breaking your Ultralight Glider when you first start flying, or even injuring yourself, it is strongly recommended that you take the appropriate training course before starting to fly by yourself.