Pre-world task 2

Weak westerly wind, with higher cloud bases than yesterday, another good reason to go to the Ecrins again  😀

Task 289km: Start Col de Cabre 5km, Agneaux, Coupe (westerly from St André), Montagne de Queyrel and back to Aspres airfield.

Entering the Oisan mountain range was not so easy; there was obviously 2 different air masses conflicting in the upper Drac valley where it turns to the East: 2 levels cloud bases; those who went into the bad airmass were litterally trapped and couldn’t cross the door to East Oisan (Pas de la Cavalle pass at 2700m) untill they excracted of this area which cost them a lot of time.

In the Ecrins somme pilots climed up to 4000  🙂

Then it was easy to go to Coupe in the south and return, via the “Parcour”, with a converging area around 3 Evêchés were the SW wind was meeting that from NW.

Crossing the Drac valley to return to Aspres in the evening was very easy: 3200m cloud base at the Queyrel which allowed the last pilots to glide non stop to the goal after 7pm.

8 out of 9 pilots were at goal, Manfred winning at an average speed of 54km/h, second is Jacques Bott at 20 minutes. See the ranking in the “Competition” Menu.