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To become a member of our association:
1) Please read and download our by-laws, here
2) Fill the form here below.
3) You may take your FFVL licence and choose ADPUL as « structure », your yearly subscription to our association will be paid by this way; otherwise we will send you a web-link telling you how to proceed. The subscription, valid from September till August is 25€.
4) Once your subscription is paid, you’ll get your member number, confirming your membership.

Notifications to attend the general assemblies are sent via Email, so you have to give us a valid Email address, which we will not provide to any third part; should your Email address change in the future, it’s your responsibility to give it to us.


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The french hang gliding federation (FFVL) provides insurance coverage for flying ultralight gliders in France
Aeronautical experience, including in free flight (pilot, flight instructor, aircraft design, etc)
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