In an only one week stay in Aspres, Michaël takes the lead of the OLC Cl2 world ranking

Michaël flew 3 over 300km FAI triangles in his Archaeopteryx during his one week stay in Aspres sur Buech. He is now the leader of the OLC FAI class 2 world ranking 🙂

Here his first triangle, July the 13th, with the first turn point between Bardonecchia (Italy) and the Mont Cenis Pass, then the Coupe mountain in the south, and the Aiguille of Serres: 317km in 6h55 with top of climb at 4000m at the col de l’Echelle:

Here is the second, July the 18th: 1st turnpoint is the Col du Mont Cenis at the french/italian border, 2nd Saint André des Alpes in the south, and 3rd the Jocou mountain west of the pass of Lus la Croix Haute, a 364km FAI triangle, in 7h with top of climbs at 4000m

And the next day, again between Bardonecchia and Mont Cenis, then the Cordœil mountain north of Saint André, and West Vercors North of Die: 374km in 7h15, top of climb 3900m

Congratulation Michaël, come back in Aspres 🙂

Swiftlight pilots what are you doing, is only the Archaeopteryx able to fly big XCs?
Sorry about me, I was overbooked by making a movie about ultralight gliders for a brasilian TV, producing trailers for the Swiftlight, training student pilots, and updating our website… 🙁 / jac