Twin seater training

Twin seater ultralight motorglider

In any club or flying school using this type of ultralight, for instance : Toucan, Duo Banjo, Test Alpin; also possible on Bonus, Taurus, Phoenix or Lambada, but it’s more difficult and more expensive.

Near Belfort (France)

Aérodrome de Saulnot (70), in Duo Banjo, Eric 09 54 66 43 68

Near Lyon (France)

Belleville (69) Aérodrome de Pisay  in Toucan

Flight instructors providing training on ultralight motorglider, let us know if you wish to be on this page

Twin seater glider

In any gliding club still using “wood and fabric” twin seater glider like the Ka7, Ka13 or Bijave. Avoid training on modern composite gliders whose flying behavior is too different from that of the ultralight gliders.

Nothern french Alps

Challes les eaux (73) on Ask13

Southern french Alps

Aspres sur Buech (05) on Ka13

Fayence (83) on Ka13


Beauvechain (south of Bruxelles) on twinseater Swift (unfortunately 2 axes, not 3 axes…)

Gliding clubs providing training on “wood and fabric” twin seater, let us know if you wish to be on this page