Swift 3 pilot report

Jac’s first flights with the new Swift 3, from Aspres sur Buëch airfield November 8th, and from Serres-la-Bâtie 3 days later.

Great, the handling: flight controls are homogeneous, soft and accurate, a real pleasure in ridge soaring as well as thermaling.

First aspect of the gliding improvement: during the autonomous initial climb, significantly less electric power is needed, this increases the range to find the first lift, and prevents battery from overheating.

About comfort on board: much more space and multiple setting possibilities alows tall pilots as well as smalls to feel very comfortable.

And the Swiftlight nightmare of the anti directional control of the front wheel is gone: Keeping the center line during the takeoff roll is easy and accurate.

From Aspres sur Buech: 1h30 in thermal brise ridge soaring and 2 thermals, followed by 5 short flights to train for landing:

And From Serres airfield: 2h10 in NW wind ridge soaring, followed by a short flight to train for landing.