Pre-world first task

Weak North wind, but also weak blue thermals; cloud base in the Ecrin is expected high: it’s a day to go there  🙂

Task 208km:Start Col de Cabre 5km, Aujour, Pic de Bure, Agneaux (in the Ecrins), Beaumont, Montagne d’Oule and back to Aspres airfield.

After crossing the Drac valley, the cumulus in the Ecrins were not looking so nice, with differents cloud base levels (not homogenous air mass); but all the pilots who entered the Ecrins were able to get the Agneaux turnpoint and coming back; then returning west of the Drac valley, the weak blue thermals had changed for spaced cyclical strong bubbles whose cumulus lasted not long.

7 out of 9 pilots made the goal, Roger Ruppert (CH) winning at an average speed of 50km/h, second is Manfred Ruhmer (A) at 10 minutes,
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