Plenty of great flights

The summer started with very good flying conditions regarding the weather, allowing us to go, almost each time we went flying, deap into in the Ecrin mountain range where the tops of climb were very high:
•23/6 4300m
•28/6 3950m
•7/7 4000m
•17/7 4500m in the wave
•19/7 4350m with Pascal
•20/7 4700m in the wave with Pascal: the north wind was blowing at 55Km/h at 4700m and we had to stop as Pascal didn’t yet installed its oxygen equipment into its Swiftlight.

The video of the flight of the 19th:

The tracklogs with a wonderful display in the 3D replay mode:
7/7, 17/7, 19/7, 20/7

And Pascal’s photos: