Great late flying season in the western Alps

August the 26th

305km flat triangle in Archaeopteryx from Münster in high Wallis in Switzerland, from where Roger Ruppert took off thanks to the electric engine installed in his Archaeopteryx: he went all around Wallis and extended his circuit till Passy in France west of Chamonix, climbing up to 4000m 🙂

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Image 5Image 4ImageImage 1Carte Roger

August the 27th

Roger climbed in ridge soaring up to 4600m in the Jungfrau and Aletsch glacier area and brought us those beautiful photos 🙂

Image 6Image 3Image 2

August the 28th

305km foot launching from Verbier in Wallis, Phillipe Bernard landed his Archaeoptéryx 6 hours later at Saint Raphaël on the Côte d’Azur 🙂
He eventually won the challenge he launched a couple of years ago.

This great flight had a media coverage; very good to promote ultralight glider flying.

IMG_1452 ArrCoteAzur


September the 2nd

A 335km closed circuit in Swiftlight in Septembre from Aspres sur Buëch!
That’s unusual and was permitted by the excellent airmass that was over the southern french Alps that day:
Taking of at half past noon only, Col de Cabre – Agneaux – Saint André des Alpes – Orcière – Col de Cabre, with a 4000m cloud base in the Ecrins; happy jac, who made it 🙂