France has now an Ultralight Glider Pilot License

After the Hang Glider Pilot License in the seventies,
The Paraglider Pilot License in the eighties,
The French Free Flight Federation* has created the Ultralight Glider Pilot License.

This is the achievement of the pilot training project initiated in late 2015 by ADPUL.
More than 40 student pilots were trained according to a curriculum that was constantly improved.

ADPUL is now an FFVL* approved flying school.

We can now deliver the 3 different levels of the Ultralight Glider Pilot License:
The Brevet Initial, the Brevet de Pilote, and the Brevet de Pilote Confirmé.

29 Brevets de Pilote Initiaux have been delivered to student pilots, as well as 22 Brevets de Pilote and 5 de Brevets de Pilote Confirmé to those who have successfully completed their trainings.

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*  FFVL Fédération Française de Vol Libre