Cross country week in Challes les Eaux

As they were prohibited to fly in the French Open 3 days before it started on behalf that when launching with an electric engine Class 2 Hang gliders are considered by the French Administration as ULM (motorized aircraft), 7 pilots went to Challes les Eaux airfield with their Swiftlights and Archaeopteryx.

This airfield is located 20km South West of the Annecy lake, and 5km East of Chambery. We have been welcome by the local glider club, and the cooperation worked perfectly.

Saturday, the first day, had the best flying conditions with cloud bases up to 3000m in the Mont Blanc area, triangles of more than 250km were realized by Pascal and jac with turn points in Chamonix and Chamrousse (Grenoble).

Pilots had to learn how to manage their batteries exiting from the Challes les Eaux area as the air mass there was relatively stable at the beginning of the flights.

Those who didn’t know the area enjoyed flying cross country in the beautiful landscapes of the french Nothern Alps, have a look at the video.

Wish to have you flying with us next time 😀
The ADPUL team