Class 2 French Open Championship canceled

The French Open for Class 2 (Swiftlight and Archaeopteryx) has been canceled by the french local administration on behalf the electric powered class 2 hang gliders are ULM (ultralight motorized), and thus should not operate from a free flight landing field. 😕

This is specific for France; in Belgium, Switzerland, and Austria i.e. they are classified as hang gliders by their respective administrations. ADPUL’s goal is that it does become the same in France, and talks with the french civil aviation authorities (DGAC) has started 2 years ago, but it is a long way…

Note: no problem for the 6th Big Tasks Competition in Aspres sur Buech end of July, we have the clearance to fly from this airfield, wether aero-towed, or self electric launched. You are welcome to fly with us in the beautiful and generous southern Alps 😀