2018 Calendar

Aerotowing for Ultralight Gliders and Hangliders

Availability of aerotowing in Aspres sur Buech airfield in the southern french Alps
For class 2 ultralight gliders: daily from April, till fall
For flexwing and rigid-wing: from June the 13th till the 23rd, from August the 11th till the 19th, and from October the 20th till November the 4th.
Note: dolly available for class 1 & 5

Training course on twin seater glider

In Aspres sur Buech, more infos here

Training course on single seater ultralight glider

Swiftlight bungee launched initial training courses, and further training courses: during scheduled training sessions (see further down), and by appointment.

From March the 26th till April the 8th

Both initial and advanced training courses in Aspres sur Buëch

21st & 22nd April week-end

Flatland ultralight glider meeting in Autun / Burgundy
More infos here

From April  till August 

Big cross-country season: 
300km to over 400km closed XC circuits, and 4000m+ tops of climb. Cross country enthusiasts, come in Aspres sur Buech, and fly together to benefit from our experience in flying in the french southern Alps … and even the northern Alps 🙂

Challenge e-Pegase

The task: fly all the Alps mountains from the french côte d’Azur till Slovenia in 2 flights in electric launched ultralight gliders: 1000km without producing any CO2 🙂

More infos here

Aspres sur Buech airfield closed

As well as the free flight landing place:
– from June the 7th till the 11th, due to a music festival (as well as the free flight landing place)
– August the 5th, due to the”Fête de l’Air” air-show

From August the 11th till the 19th

4th Southern Alps Big Tasks competition
From Aspres sur Buëch airfield, international competition open to FAI class 2 ultralight gliders, with and without auxiliary engine, to the best class 5 rigid hangglider pilots of the world, and a selection of the best class 1 flexwing hanglider pilots

More infos here

From August the 20th till the 30th

Both initial and advanced training courses in Aspres sur Buëch

End of September

Coupe Icare
We will be there and make demo flights: electric launch, aerotow, aerobatic

September and October

The quiet thermals season; best period of the year for pilots who want to progress, accumulating airtime in the generous flying conditions of the french southern Alps

From October the 20th till November the 4th

Both initial and advanced training courses in Aspres sur Buëch