2022 Calendar

All the year long

Aerotowing for Ultralight Gliders
In Aspres sur Buech airfield in the southern french Alps
For class 2 ultralight gliders only, daily in summer, otherwise on request

From April  till August 

Big cross-country season
300km to over 400km closed XC circuits, and 4000m+ tops of climb. Cross country enthusiasts, come in Aspres sur Buech, and fly together with us to benefit from our experience in flying in the french southern Alps … and even the northern Alps 🙂

From May the 26th till the 29th

Ultralight glider Fly Together Meeting
in Aspres sur Buëch in the french southern Alps

From Jun the 4th till the 6th

Ultralight glider Fly Together Meeting
in Belfort, N-E France

From July the 23rd till August the 5st

FAI O-2 class ultralight glider World Championship
in Aspres sur Buech airfield in the french southern Alps, this will be the first World Championship accepting electric launched class 2 gliders

From September the 16th till the 19th

Coupe Icare
We will be there, in Saint Hilaire du Touvet near Grenoble, and make demo flights: electric launch, aerotow, aerobatic

September and October

The quiet thermals season
best period of the year for pilots who want to progress, accumulating airtime in the generous flying conditions of the french southern Alps;
Come and fly from Aspres sur Buech

Training courses

Sorry, this year we only accept french student pilot, flight instructors from other countries are welcome to learn from our training experience