2017 Calendar

Aerotowing for Ultralight Gliders and Hangliders

Availability of aerotowing in Aspres sur Buech airfield in the southern french Alps
For class 2 ultralight gliders: daily from April the 5th, till fall
For flexwing and rigidwing: from 5th till 15th of April, and from 24th of July till 6th of August, other dates on request
Note: dolly available for class 1 & 5

Training course on twin seater glider

In Aspres sur Buech, more infos here

Training course on single seater ultralight glider

  • Bungee launched initial training course on Swiftlight: by appointment.
  • Further Swiftlight training course: by appointment.

From 5th till 15th of April

Both initial and advanced training courses

From 15th of April  till 1st of May 

ADPUL’s pilots XC fly together week
In Aspres, to share our XC experience, and to enjoy flying in the southern french Alps. More infos here

 From the 24th of July till the 6th of August

Ultralight gliders’ Worldchampionship
 FAI class 2 ultralight gliders world championship in Aspres sur Buëch

 From the 28th of July till the 6th of August

3 rd Southern Alps Big Tasks competition
International Competition for the world’s best FAI class 5 hanglider pilots

August the 13th

Fête de l’Air
At the Chevalet airfield, air show organized by the Association Aéronautique d’Aspres sur Buech; ADPUL will display ultralight gliders on the ground and in flight (bungee launch and aerotowing).

 From the 21st till the 25th of August

Both initial and advanced training courses