Belfort fly together week

Among the 25 registered pilots to our annual meeting, 15 decided to come despite the bad weather forecast, so as 5 student pilots.
They came from Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Portugal, and of course France.
Their perseverance paid off: we had 5 flyable days out of 9

The first day, it was snowing…  🙁 
The second day, we could easily fly, avoiding the showers which were drifting in the North wind.
The third day, we could fly 110km out and returns to the SW
The fourth day we had very good flying conditions over the Vosges mountains, our cross-country flights were only limited by Strasbourg airport airspace (145km)
The seventh day, the bungee operated non stop, and in the evening, just before the rain went back, a first student pilot could make his first solo flightThe last day, a second student pilot could make his first solo flight early in the morning, just before the wind rose again.

The ultralight glider pilots proved that they are able to insert themselves in the airfield traffic, thanks to the specific procedures set for them.

Pilots were enthusiastic, every thing went perfect, except the bungee that failed at the beginning of the week.

Here is a video realized by Michel

Rob and Roger XC flights to the SW

Jac and Rob XC flights over the Vosges