The Archaeopteryx pilots definitely set the XC standard at 400km

Not only in Australia, see spaceMarlies & Peter Eicher’s flights, and in Switzerland, see Roger Ruppert’s flights, but also in Austria, Italy and Slovenia:

Here are Franz Pacheiner’s great flights (start and end time are GMT, you have to add 2 hours; click on the date to see the flight)

date Points km km/h Takeoff location Start End Duration
2017-06-22 738.87 461.79 53.59 Duca d’Aosta Tofana (IT) 07:53 17:17 9:24
2017-06-18 586.42 418.87 44.85 Feldkirchen, LOKF (AT) 07:19 16:50 9:31
2017-06-11 683.06 426.92 47.16 Feldkirchen, LOKF (AT) 07:18 16:28 9:09
2017-05-16 655.18 467.98 49.42 Feldkirchen, LOKF (AT) 07:57 17:29 9:31

Takeoffs from Feldkirchen are aerotowed, very high, till 2500m in order to be able to glide till the mountains of Slovenia (distances should be cut off around 15km).
Bungee take off from Duca d’Aosto Tofana (World cup downhill of Cortina d’Ampezzo); in the OLC glider ranking it would show 497km! (5 turn points).

Congratulation Franz for those great flights, we hope you’ll achieve the 500km FAI triangle soon  😀 
Franz already flew a 521km flat triangle last year, May the 21st…

Swiftlight pilots wake up! here is a new challenge !!!

Some photos from the flight of june the 22nd

The highest mountain of the austrian Alps: the Großglöckner, 3900m

At the 3rd turnpoint in the Oetztal

In the last thermal in the Dolomiti with an eagle