ADPUL’s new organization

With the committee’s approval Jacques and Pascal decided to invert their positions, in order to better balance their functions and tasks in the management of the association.

Jacques’s goal is to fly more, training his new student pilots to cross country flying, and further develop the training courses.

In his new function, Pascal will be more involved in event organization, and he will expand the relationships ADPUL must achieve to further develop.

Some other changes are also in progress in the administration of the association, with always the goal to better optimize the actions of each board member for a better efficiency.

The new board:

ADPUL’s Président: Pascal Lanser
Vice Président: Jacques Bott
Treasurer: Michel Paté

the other committee members:

Louis Mesnier
Patrick Chopard

And the new website, more communication oriented (events, competition). remaining the reference web site (association, regulation, training, insurance, etc)