ADPUL – 2015 goals

2015 goals for the Ultralight Glider Development Association

Organise the Ultralight Gliders flight operations on an airfield in the french southern Alps:

–       daily aerotow availability for Ultralight Gliders, so as for hanggliders and rigid wings,

–       training courses for FAI class 2 Ultralight Gliders’ student pilots (Swiftlight, Archeopterix),

–       Ultralight Glider pilot’s meetings,

–       one competition for FAI class 2 Ultralight Gliders;

Collaborate with the french Free Flight federation (FFVL) to set training syllabus for any student pilot wishing to fly an FAI class 2 glider, regarding his former pilot’s experiences;

Act so as the less than 80Kg empty weight single seat gliders (AL12, Banjo, etc), and the less than 100Kg twin seaters (bSwift), benfit from the same regulation in France and in Europe, as the hanggliders and paragliders, as permitted by the european regulations.