3rd Southern Alps Big Tasks competition

This year, due to the FAI Class 2 World championship, our now traditional and exiting competition will be for FAI Class 5 pilots only 🙂

Where? in Aspres sur Buech in the southern french Alps.

When? from the 31st of July  till the 6th of August 2017.

Why? to fly up to 300km tasks.

For whom? Class 5 pilots.

How? Aerotowed take off in order to start early in the first thermals of the day 

It is an FAI category 2 competition, so it will score to the WPRS (World Pilots Ranking System);


from Friday the 28th till Sunday July the 30th of July: free flights, registration (6pm)
Sunday July the 30th, 7:00pm
: main briefing
From Monday till next Saturday: taskable days
Sunday August the 6th: price giving


Live tracking will be provided and will be used, among other things, for the scoring. As backup competitors can use their own GPSs but would have to self upload their tracklogs (if needed) via a server. Use of GPS with SD card, or connectable internal drive is highly recommended as the organizer will not provide serial cable data transfert (COM port).
Pilots will have to self upload the WPT data base from a file provided by the organizer.


Only 12 competitors will be admitted
Pilots have to apply by May the 31st
Applicants will be sorted using the May the 31st valid WPRS: the first 10 will have to pay their registration fees to confirm their participation before June the 30th; the others will have a standby position. July the 1st, pilots whose registration fees are not received will be replaced by standby pilots.
2 pilots with too few or not any WPRS points will be selected by the organizer regarding their claims in the online XC contests.

Registration fees: 75
Aerotow: 25€ each
each competitor must have a €5millions third party insurance valid in France, if not, a cheap FFVL temporary membership providing such an insurance will be available.
Because of legal matters, each participant has to be a member of ADPUL (subscription 25€).
Registration fees’ payment instructions will be given June the 1st.

Local rules
Competitors and status