380Km FAI triangle

The day after his out and return to Chamonix, Jac improved his own FAI triangle personal record: leaving Aspres at 11:30, his progress was first slowed down in the Maurienne valley (unreliable thermals below 3500m) , then later by a NW wind in the Verdon valley and on the “parcours” (SW wind forcasted…), then by the unusual dead air over the Malaup which generated a record low crossing of the Durance valley (1300m QNH) … but the “crête des Selles” ridge was working since the SW wind was here eventually present; but once again it failed over the Rosan ridge. At the end, 100m altitude was missing for a return to Aspres with a comfortable safety margin, so he decided to turn back and land in Serres, where the ULM came to aerotow him back home.