The 10th pilot to have completed his Swiftlight training by ADPUL

Rob came to Aspres sur Buech from Luxembourg to complete his training on his own Swiftlight-E:

L shaped, steep angle, close U shaped, and S shaped approaches don’t have any more secret for him;
this gives him confidence should he have to land out any day.

The certificate of proficiency N°10 was delivered to him

Rob’s report:

Objectif atteint : Affiner les atterrissages sur terrain court. Surtout l’éfficacite d’utilisation des gouvernes de winglets comme aéro-freins et l’approche en PTS m’ont bien impressionné.
Briefing après chaque vol avec des instructions détaillées de Jac pour affiner le prochains vols.
Stage a recommender.